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The 'Archduke' Trio, a prime example of the heroic expansion of Beethoven's middle period, received a powerful interpretation full of notable highlights. The first movement unfolded with just the right blend of relaxed vigour. While their musicality highlighted details and larger coherence, a cautious tonal palette underplayed some of the more dramatic contrasts and rhythmic nuances in favour of a lucid sonority and resonantly flowing texture. In the Scherzo the ensemble projected the rising scale theme with wit and panache, imaginatively characterising the darker, undulating trio theme as a potent shadow role, full of chromatic suspense. One of the main highlights was the eloquent slow movement, its lyrical theme developed in ever broader and more complex variations, the final one magically elided into the jaunty finale. Here again there was much to delight in, the interactions amongst the ensemble always subtly shaded and paced, and the piano's delicately ornamented rondo theme effectively developed into the remarkably original backdrop to the strings that precedes the final coda with its modulatory surprises.

The Stockholm Arts Trio
The Stockholm Arts Trio

The Stockholm Arts Trio's performance overall projected an engaging musical individuality which, following this warmly received début concert, one hopes audiences in the UK will have the opportunity to enjoy with increased frequency.

Copyright © 10 December 2002 Malcolm Miller, London, UK


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