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BASIL RAMSEY hears a composer playing his piano music

Diversity    DIVREC 044-003

Thomas Barth - Beyond Black & White © 2003 Diversity Recordings

This well-produced double album of 21 piano tracks is visually of much better quality than the music, which is marooned mostly in a semi-popular class of quasi-contemplation [listen -- CD 1 track 4, 1:39-2:45]. It is well recorded to slightly accentuate piano sonorities, and the composer-pianist obviously relishes the inevitable textual richness of the result.

The kernel of the product -- new music -- carefully steps its way along the well-trampled path of romanticism in modern clothes. The composer/pianist is certainly persuasive, but for what?

Copyright © 4 January 2003 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK


Thomas Barth: Beyond Black & White

DIVREC 044-003 NEW RELEASE (2 CDs) 41'32"/40'36" - TT 82'08" 2003 Diversity Recordings

Thomas Barth, piano (Yamaha CFIIIS 275 (9') Concert Grand)

'Beyond left CD': Reverie d'elfs; Nocturne in D minor Op 139; Shaman; Isis; October; Salamande une; The inner self; What draws me to you; Sleeping beauty; Salamande deux; Those who are brave; 'Beyond Right CD': Father to son; Shelter; Borea: Temple dance from Atlantis; Senhora do monte; Friends and places; Jeg Råde vil alle; Salamande trois; Lanikeha; Where I come from; Vertrautheit


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