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Goals. Looking to experiences when 'we know'

The older I get the stranger I find Man's concept of 'free time' or 'recreation'. Logically it is of great importance, especially to those who concentrate on a pastime or sport as essential to their lives. They have a goal (and I'm not talking ballgames) to sharpen their focus and strengthen their endeavours.

When music is the goal, refinement is necessary to eliminate the vast stretches of it that are irrelevant in countless ways to countless people. The object might be a single song, a collection, or a hefty symphony. It is a habit of mine to return repeatedly to a specific work that has caught my imagination. Whilst this habit is not entirely foolproof, it serves me well, partly as a discipline and partly to allow the riches of the music to feed my mind. The danger comes from overkill, an insiduous move that can ruin musical quality for one's mind, leaving us somewhat shocked from an ordeal. Maybe that sounds implausible -- until it happens.

Music has no practical part in matters of choice. It exists, and choice of it is ours alone, to be heard repeatedly for the rest of our days or abandoned. Individual preference is natural and the effect in a lifetime for those who allow music to reach its potential limit is a treasure for both mind and body. The result is transformation. Without a word to others, or a period of nervous unrest, we know.

Copyright © 28 February 2003 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK



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