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Fertile imagination

Arrangement with a vengeance
from Red Priest -
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'... never a dull moment and entertainment value paramount.'

Red Priest - Nightmare in Venice. © 2002 Dorian Recordings

'Red Priest' is an evocative name for any music group. Even for those not aware that it refers originally to Vivaldi and his carroty hair, there is the vaguely sinister implication of subversive politics at work. Some may even remember the 'Red Dean' of Canterbury (I forget the colour of his hair), who caused scandal in Anglican circles by approving most of what was emanating from Moscow at the time. For good value, the tonsured Vivaldi had the right to broadcast himself as Don Antonio, with all the dangerous and flirtatious associations that might imply. Consider, by contrast, Schubert's nickname of 'Tubby', not much of a selling point for anyone specialising in his music, and it is clear that 'Red Priest' has all the ingredients for effective publicity.

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Copyright © 7 May 2003 Robert Anderson, London, UK


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