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Andean piano

KEITH BRAMICH listens to the piano music of Uña Ramos

arton    021248 130539

Uña Ramos piano works. © 2003 arton records

Uña Ramos is an exponent of both the traditional Indian flute, the quena, and the pan flute, but also a composer of Andean folk music. Although he now lives in Europe, he was born in the Andes, on the borders of Bolivia and Argentina, studying at Argentina's Conservatory of Santiago del Estero, where Josefina, daughter of composer Andres Chazarreta, told him 'you must leave the conservatory ... here you can't become a composer because your creative freedom is being stolen'.

His music [listen -- track 15, 1:43-2:51] combines the folk idioms of South America with European classical traditions and (at least as arranged for piano and heard here) is syncopated, light in style, emotional, a bit quirky, perhaps sometimes clichéd, and could (arguably) be more varied.

Young Argentinian pianist Sebastián Forster copes well here, with playing considerably better than his CD liner note! There's more extensive information about Uña Ramos online however, including a mini-interview.

Copyright © 17 May 2003 Keith Bramich, Worcestershire, UK


Uña Ramos piano works

021248 130539 Stereo NEW RELEASE 51'12" 2003 arton records

Sebastián Forster, piano

Uña Ramos, arr Wolfram Arton: Amanecer; Eve; Sophia; Golondrinas; Ritual de Vicuñas; Canto de Alondra; Kirey; Flora; Hacia la Luna; Dionysos; Puerto de Buenos Aires; Atahualpa; Linda Puneña; Campo Santo; Chiri Chiri; El Hombre de Piedra; Tormenta India



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