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BASIL RAMSEY listens to the music of Warren Burt

Pogus    P21028-2

Warren Burt: Harmonic Colour Fields. © 2003 Pogus Productions

As an observer rather than an admirer of music that manifests as an intense meditation upon harmonic procedures, I remain fascinated by every detail short of the final presentation. Maybe my ears have much less patience than those who listen and persist until the soundscape reveals its shape, and perhaps its relevance.

I am reluctant to drone on like a man who drags his feet to delay action, yet there are five pieces here -- of which the shortest is nearly eleven minutes [listen -- track 2, 8:50-10:22] and the longest just over sixteen. The sounds themselves have a mostly soporific effect upon me, from which I cannot avoid the inevitable, although there must be many keen listeners who derive immense satisfaction from this area. Should any of these find a challenge in my ramblings, please accept my willingness to hand over this CD for a hopefully perceptive review which we will publish in these columns.

Copyright © 30 August 2003 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK


Warren Burt: Harmonic Colour Fields

P21028-2 Stereo NEW RELEASE 66' 2003 Pogus Productions

Warren Burt, Kinetic Music Machine, Drummer, Cakewalk, Roland Sound Canvas Synth and PC286 Compatible computer

Warren Burt: Harmonic Colour Fields (1996-7): Portrait of Erv Wilson; Portrait of John Chalmers; Adjacencies (A Drone on Breaking my Kneecap); 11:21:23 (A Drone on Mom and Felix's Birthdays); '48=>53; 53=>48'


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