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Orange Dawg    ODP-VC101
Orange Dawg    ODP-VC102

Von Cello. Breaking the Sound Barriers. © 2000 Aaron Minsky

Two CDs by Aaron Von Cello present the cello as the principal in a rock ensemble [listen -- 'Von Cello Rules!' track 2, 0:00-0:59] devoted to a collection of his songs. For a start, this music is uninhibited, drawing plentifully from the lightweight and somewhat swingy end of the spectrum. It thus avoids any hint of stodge and keeps momentum engaged.

Von Cello Rules! © 2001 Aaron Minsky

There is no strong character to mark each item, more a variety of mood in a generalised way, linked of course to the texts. I would imagine there to be a public who would enjoy this collection of songs, although a lengthy stay with these CDs does isolate the mannerisms that inevitably lurk just below the surface. Some familiar tunes from the past are intentionally included [listen -- 'Breaking The Sound Barriers' track 7, 4:00-4:52], with no harm done. One ponders the question of a ready market, but skill and enthusiasm have generated this undertaking to the point where its good features are focussed towards enthusiasts for the genre, and there must be plenty of them worldwide.

Copyright © 16 August 2003 Basil Ramsey, Withernsea, East Yorkshire, UK


Von Cello - Breaking the Sound Barriers

ODP-VC101 Stereo 41'54" 2000 Aaron Minsky

Aaron Minsky, cello

Used To Be An Orchestra Player; Cello Man; Anthem/Cello Player's Rap; Lost In Cyberspace; Leading Me On; Brother John; Bach To The Future; Holes In The Sky; Jump On That Train


Von Cello Rules

ODP-VC102 Stereo 35'42" 2001 Aaron Minsky

Aaron Minsky, electric cello, vocals; John DiGuilio, drums, percussion, vocals; Chris Warwin, bass, vocals

Hello Mr Jutter; Get Up Get Out Of My Way; Feelin' Fine; Go To Hell; Scared; Were You Ever Really Here?; Spy Vs Spy; Herbie; Everybody Knows You Shouldn't Marry A Musician; Something True


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