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Seven Pieces for Orchestra is a suite Doráti compiled from his ballet music Magdalena. It includes many moods ranging from the mysterious, Firebird-like beginning [listen -- track 1, 0:04-1:35] to the exciting percussion of the fifth movement, Sortilegio [listen -- track 5, 3:04-4:33]. The work displays Doráti's mastery of orchestration. A variety of color and dynamic techniques ensures interest throughout.

Night Music is a romantic suite for flute and small orchestra in five movements. It features the most attractive melodies in the program. Though a few sharp intakes of breath are a minor distraction, I can understand why the sound engineer was in close. Sharon Bezaly's tone is gorgeous and she here makes some of the fleetest, most liquid-sounding chromatic runs I've ever heard ([listen -- track 11, 1:11-2:07]. This is a lovely score and again the color effects are exceptional.

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Copyright © 28 September 2003 Ron Bierman, San Diego, USA


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