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Czarnecki and the Pforzheim orchestra are alert and responsive companions throughout and sublimely relaxed in the closing pages of the Tanti anni prima [listen -- track 11, 4:45-5:51].

A disc to urge on Piazzolla groupies and novice explorers alike: that the latter should soon become the former.

Love - Feidman plays Ora Bat Chaim. © 2003 Warner Strategic Marketing

The Ora Bat Chaim disc exchanges the heat of South American passions for that of Middle-Eastern life assertion. On an array of instruments from the clarinet family, Feidman blows the spirit of reflection or invigoration into the music of one of Israel's most prolific composers. It's difficult to resist the 'get-up-and-dance' allure of In the Joyful Light [listen -- track 2, 4:05-5:00] or the easy-listening charm of An Innocent Smile [listen -- track 10, 5:35-6:30]. The title track, however, is overlong with a fair amount of hazy meandering and while the playing throughout the disc is consistently astonishing, some of the material -- quite simply -- isn't.

Copyright © 12 November 2003 David Wilkins, Eastbourne UK


Love - Feidman plays Ora Bat Chaim

0927-49868-2 Stereo NEW RELEASE 62'09" 2003 Warner Strategic Marketing

Giora Feidman, clarinet in B flat and G, bass clarinet and bassett horn; Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim; Vladislav Czarnecki, conductor; Pforzheimer Streichquartett

Ora Bat Chaim: On Mount Sinai (for clarinet in G, arr Avner Dorman); In the Joyful Light (arr Sergei Abir); I am not alone (Eyni Levadi, arr Avner Dorman); Love (for bass clarinet and clarinet, arr Sergei Abir); Playfulness (arr Sergei Abir); An Innocent Smile (Chiuch Tam, arr Sergei Abir); Your Music (Tango Tel Aviv for clarinet and bass clarinet, arr Raul Juanera; Your Sound arr Sergei Abir; Pam Pam Dance (in Klezmer style, arr Sergei Abir)


Feidmann plays Piazzolla

0927-49505-2 Stereo 61'44" 2002 Warner Strategic Marketing

Giora Feidman, clarinet and bass clarinet; Raul Jaurena, bandoneon; Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim; Vladislav Czarnecki, conductor

Astor Piazzolla: Moderato Tangabilie (arr Steve Murray); Chant et Fugue (arr Steve Murray); Preparense (arr Raul Jaurena); Tristango (arr Steve Murray); Lo Que Vendra (arr Raul Jaurena); Milonga del Angel (arr Raul Jaurena); Fracanapa (arr Raul Jaurena); Raul Jaurena: Hommage; Astor Piazzolla: Marron Y Azul (arr Raul Jaurena); Kicho (arr Steve Murray); Tanti anni prima (arr Sergi Abir)


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