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The rest of the disc is an array of constrasting pieces which, apart from Kathron Sturrock's warm and persuasive performance of the Piano Variations, bring together fascinating instrumental combinations in short and highly inventive compositions. Gestures is for two violas; Waiting: Tango for viola and double bass; Worlds Apart for double bass and piano; and Shadows for viola, double bass and piano! There is an ample piece for oboe solo, Disturbed Nights', and a group of three very effective pieces for flute and viola, Brief Encounters of which this is most of the third [listen -- track 19, 0:52-1:44].

The performers are of the best, and although the notes give no dates for the any of the pieces, the whole CD provides a very worthy introduction (as it will be for many) to the work of the perhaps rather modestly self-effacing Mr Hawkins.

Copyright © 31 December 2003 Patric Standford, Wakefield UK


'Voices from the Sea' and other pieces by John Hawkins

CDE 84496 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE 70'34" 2003 Meridian Records

Martyn Hill, tenor; The Divertimenti String Orchestra; Anthony Pay, conductor; Yuko Inouë, viola; Duncan McTier, double bass; Christopher O'Neal, oboe; Siân Philipps, violin; Gemma Rosefield, cello; Nancy Ruffer, flute; Paul Silverthorne, viola; Kathron Sturrock, piano

John Hawkins (born 1949): Voices from the Sea; Variations for piano; Waiting: Tango for viola and double bass; Brief Encounters for flute and viola; Worlds Apart for double bass and piano; Shadows for viola, double bass and piano; Disturbed Nights for oboe; Gestures for two violas; Quietus for string trio


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