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Torn to shreds

Immersed as we now are in the mostly secular preparations for celebrating the Nativity of Jesus Christ, there's little time for such trifles as meditation to allow our inner spirit to develop. Most of us are just too busy for the quietness during which we may find time to be still.

The endless queues of morning and evening traffic overwhelming our streets and choking the atmosphere are the visible signs of society desperately pursuing the means to earn money, much of which goes in the equally desperate desire for enjoyment to placate our insatiable appetite for pleasure. I'm neither a prude nor a pleasure seeker, only an individual trying to observe humanity in its everlasting quest for an enjoyable life. I like that idea myself.

We as music lovers do not always realise that the very art we cherish has the capacity to nourish our whole being through immersion in musical treasure -- the finest jewels that are stored in great music down the ages.

My own stumblings are duplicated endlessly across the world. Music down the centuries steadily accumulates the finest specimens of the musical art. Only in our generation has a process to preserve masterly performance reached a quality through recording that closely resembles it. Now we have at our instant disposal this modern miracle and the means to play it at will, and endlessly.

The means to deliberately destroy, distort, or rubbish music are as close as qualities to preserve it to human perfection. That provides a tempting trap to those who care to dabble in musical experimentation: some of it provocative, some deadly dull. But the majority of us are only too anxious to acquire some of the greatest recordings of fine music that exist and find ourselves transported to another dimension.

As we enter another year, make a point of allowing great music to irradiate our innermost feelings. There's nothing to exceed this experience, and little to equate it. In a world torn to shreds by human suffering, share some of your musical delight with any who may wish for the experience.

Copyright © 25 December 2003 Basil Ramsey, Eastwood, Essex, UK



A very merry Christmas to you from all at Music & Vision, and good luck, health, happiness and prosperity for 2004!

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