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Glittering figuration

BASIL RAMSEY listens to concertos by Czerny and Ries, played by Felicja Blumental

Brana    BR 0005

Felicja Blumental - The Pupils of Beethoven. © 2003 Brana Records

Whilst pupils of Beethoven inevitably prove themselves inferior to the master, relegating them to the 'not wanted' file lessens their service to music. We can learn from their shortcomings, as much as from the surprises they can spring.

A recent Felicja Blumental re-release accommodates piano concertos by Carl Czerny and Ferdinand Ries [listen -- track 4, 1:06-2:10], neither doing more than writing attractive music in the prevalent style. Yet this is accomplished material in every sense. Pianists know what may be expected, but taking matters from that point both concertos do everything with good humour, and the dashings of glittering figuration has its own flavour [listen -- track 1, 6:33-8:01]. At the very least you emerge from this experience without distress!

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Copyright © 3 January 2004 Basil Ramsey, Essex UK


Felicja Blumental - The Pupils of Beethoven

BR 0005 AAD Stereo REISSUE 59'25" 2003 Brana Records

Felicja Blumental, piano

Carl Czerny (1791-1857): Piano Concerto in A minor Op 214 (with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Helmut Froschauer, conductor); Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838): Piano Concerto in C sharp minor Op 55 (with the Salzburg Chamber Orchestra, Theodore Guschlbauer, conductor)



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