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'... works of great originality and beauty.'

Georges Lentz: Caeli enarrant... III & IV; Birrung; Nguurraa. Ensemble 24 / Matthew Coorey. © 2003 HNH International Ltd

Australian composer Georges Lentz was born (1965) in Luxembourg, although he has lived in Australia since 1990 performing as a violinist in the Sydney Symphony.

This disc marks the first international release of Lentz's music. Lentz possesses a unique musical vision which he uses to create works of great originality and beauty. This is music that taps into things far beyond earthly human emotion to make a powerful statement.

Lentz accepts almost no commissions and works on pieces for a number of years (some of these pieces on this recording took eight years or more to write), often making revisions to earlier versions after their premières -- before eventually publishing final ones. His complete output of acknowledged works is also very small, numbering only about ten works in total.

In terms of working process, the comparison seems most apt to the great French composer Maurice Duruflé (1902-1986). (The musical language, however, is not similar.) Also, like Duruflé, Lentz is an absolutely superb craftsman -- with a personal musical language which he deploys with tremendous skill and clarity.

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Copyright © 14 January 2004 Carson P Cooman, Rochester, NY, USA


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