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GORDON RUMSON looks forward to first performances
of two string quartets by Denis ApIvor


For a composer to write string quartets is to almost invite oblivion, but to have two quartets performed at one concert is unmitigated joy. On Sunday 25 April 2004, at 3pm at the Brighton Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton UK, Denis ApIvor's second and third quartets will be performed by the Kingfisher String Quartet.

Denis ApIvor (born 1916)
Denis ApIvor (born 1916)

Though not widely known and sadly virtually unrepresented on CD, Denis ApIvor (born 1916) is a remarkable composer of a large body of music in virtually every genre. During the 1950s he rose to a considerable degree of prominence and his music received performances by distinguished musicians such as Sir Eugene Goosens, Norman del Mar, Julian Bream, Christopher Bowers-Broadbent, Malcolm Binns, and the Amici and Allegri string quartets, among others. Yet mainstream recognition eluded him.

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