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Paul Lewis's English Overture is based on folksong and sounds exactly as you might guess from its title, though it is a bit too facile to have much staying power.

After Arnold, Arthur Buttersworth is probably the best known composer here, and The Path Across the Moors [listen -- track 16, 4:52-6:35] supports his reputation. It is an exotic and moody evocation of its subject, not quite as 'light' as the rest of the program, but just as entertaining.

Sutherland and the Royal Ballet Sinfonia are ideal interpreters. The performances benefit from their experience with music for dance. They are romantic, lush or lively as appropriate and the disk is certainly recommended for those who at least occasionally take their music light.

Copyright © 4 April 2004 Ron Bierman, San Diego, USA


British Light Music Discoveries 2

CD WHL 2126 DDD Stereo 74'08" 2000 ASV Ltd

Royal Ballet Sinfonia; Gavin Sutherland, conductor

Malcolm Arnold (born 1921) orch Philip Lane: Little Suite No 4 Op 80a; William Blezard (born 1921): The River (1969); Adrian Cruft (1921-1987): Traditional Hornpipe Suite; Eric Fenby (1906-1997): Rossini on Ilkla Moor - Overture (1938); Raymond Warren (born 1928): Wexford Bells - Suite on Old Irish Tunes (1970); Arthur Butterworth (born 1923): The path across the moors (1958); Anthony Hedges (born 1931): An Ayrshire Serenade Op 42 (1971); Paul Lewis (born 1943): An English Overture (1971); Philip Lane (born 1950): Suite of Cotswold Folkdances (1978)


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