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The rest are all living representatives of Portugal's musical scene. Luis Tinoco (born 1969), whose quintet gives its title to the album -- Light -- Distance -- has three works on this CD. The five-movement title suite is a stimulating group of pieces each of which owes much to the skilful manipulation of repetitive figures, heard again in two very effective pieces under the one title Autumn Wind, written in 1988 and now dedicated to the Galliard Ensemble [listen -- track 20, 0:02-1:00]. He was a pupil of, among others, Paul Patterson at the Royal Academy of Music where, in fact, the Galliard Ensemble was first brought together in 1993. Tinoco's O Curso das Águas is the most recent piece in the recital (2001) and shows a more pronounced, though personal, interest in minimalism.

Sérgio Azevedo (born 1968) was a pupil of Lopes-Graça. His Aspetto is an exciting and technically demanding piece [listen -- track 22, 0:02-0:45].

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