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Of course there is more to the music of my country than these classical artists. We have the panpipes (maybe you heard one of the CDs of Gheorghe Zamfir?), gypsy fiddlers, village wedding music ... in fact my country is a melting pot of influences from many of its neighbours and nearby countries -- especially Hungary, and also Bulgaria, Germany, Serbia, Turkey ...

But I'm here today to tell you the story of the incredible lost pipers of Iasi (one of our north-eastern Judete or counties). I first came across this group during the course of my research, which took me to the Music Conservatoire in Iasi. Here, in absolute confidence, I was told of the legendary pipers -- both deaf and blind -- descended from the Dacii -- the ancient people of our land. They somehow lived secretly for thousands of years -- maybe in caves -- performing and playing only for themselves, and saving the secrets of ancient performance practice. To be absolutely truthful with you, I didn't believe what I was being told. But three people at the Conservatoire claimed to have heard these pipers play live ... and of course I became determined to see and hear them for myself.

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Copyright © 1 April 2004 Elica Lupus-Popescu, Cluj Napoca, Romania


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