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'G B S and the Problem of Music Criticism', Scrutiny, vi/3 (December 1937), 328-33

'The Composer and Civilization: Notes on the Later Work of Gabriel Fauré', Scrutiny, vi/4 (March 1938), 386-401

'Books on Music [Offenbach by S Kracauer, La vie Parisienne by S Sitwell, Gustav Mahler by Bruno Walter]', Scrutiny, vi/4 (March 1938), 478

'Mr Turner's Mozart [review of Mozart by J Turner]', Scrutiny, vii/1 (June 1938), 117-118

'A Prophetic Romantic [review of Berlioz by J H Eliot]', Scrutiny, vii/1 (June 1938), 119-128

'Gramophone Records of Fauré', Scrutiny, vii/1 (June 1938), 128

'The Composer and Civilization: Albert Roussel and La Musique Française', Scrutiny, vii/2 (September 1938), 166-184

'Music: Van Dieren and Rubbra', Scrutiny, vii/2 (September 1938), 202

'Busoni's letters to his Wife', Scrutiny, vii/2 (September 1938), 248

'Ivor Gurney and the English Art Song', Scrutiny, vii/3 (December 1938), 332-6

'Music in the Melting Pot: Charles Ives and the Music of the Americas', Scrutiny, vii/4 (March 1939), 390-403

'Textual Criticism of Music [review of books by Cecil Gray and Eric Blom]', Scrutiny, viii/4 (March 1939), 480-5

'Edmund Rubbra and the Symphonic Form,' Scrutiny, viii/1 (June 1939), 56-72

'Modern Poets in Love and War', viii/1 (June 1939), 117-128
Review of The Still Centre by Stephen Spender;
Poems and Songs by Gavin Ewart;
Poems by F T Prince;
Autumnal Journey Louis MacNeice.

"Fairies in Bloomsbohemia [Portrait of Stella Benson, by R Ellis Roberts], Scrutiny, viii/2 (September 1939), 221-227

'Twentieth-century Music-Making', Scrutiny, viii/3 (December 1939), 313-19
Review of Music in the Modern World by Rollo H Myers

'Hollywooden (sic) Hero', Scrutiny, viii/3 (December 1939), 335-44
Review of The Fifth Column by Ernest Hemingway

'Searchlight on Tin Pan Alley', Scrutiny, viii/4 (March 1940), 390-405

'Music: The Music Review', Scrutiny, viii/4 (March 1940), 448

'Music and the Dramatic', Scrutiny, ix/1 (June 1940), 46-56

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