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What makes you think differently to other people?

'Do I think differently?'

What set you apart, or made you a genius?

'I wouldn't call myself a genius, my boy! I do think I have sundry talents, yes.'

Have you any idea where they came from?

York Minster. Photo © 2004 Keith Bramich
York Minster. Photo © 2004 Keith Bramich

'No. That's why I used the word God. I do not believe in God. Obviously there was a first cause, but no, I don't believe in any either benevolent or malevolent purpose in life. I suppose this is why I think a sense of humour is important, and that's why my Mum and I got on so well. We laughed at the same thing!'

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Copyright © 26 April 2004 Keith Bramich, Worcestershire UK


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