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Two further Europamusicale are already in the planning stage: the fourth one will have the theme 'Paths of the North' and the fifth will be about the 'Heritage of European Church Music', where one will hopefully be able to hear Fux's Church Opera.

All European countries have a right to be represented in the Europamusicale and so far, twenty countries have assured their participation.

Copyright © 5 May 2004 Tess Crebbin, Germany


The Europamusical concerts will all be broadcast, some live and some by recording, and can be received Europe-wide via Satellite. Worldwide, they can be heard at where the German Radio Bayern 4 Klassik, one of the radio broadcasters of the Europamusicale, will be online live as of 1 May 2004.

Tickets can be ordered online, worldwide, at the following email addresses for the following locations:

Berlin: info at berlinerkonzerte dot de
Leipzig: ticket at gewandhaus dot de and info at ticketgalerie dot de
Munich: info at and info at europamusicale dot de
Wiesbaden: kurhaus at wiesbaden dot de

The exact schedule of the Europamusicale can be found online at



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