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Also slightly older, Warren is a section violinist, and two younger women, Caroline and the beauteous Isabel, are violists. This trio is an interesting mix, as Warren, although in unrequited love for Isabel, yet ends up marrying Caroline, who was first engaged to David. This fate, almost worse than anything imaginable, was unintentionally deterred by a small-scale patron of the orchestra -- Elinor Jay -- who suddenly inherited a decent-sized fortune, thus becoming an irresistable target for the mercenary David.

Mirabel, the sassy, brassy Australian is the first woman to have breached the previously all-male horn section (bless her heart, she is immediately dear to me, a former horn player). Clarence is the ultra-professional second bassoonist, always backing his principal, never complaining, even though he is twice as good a musician. The oboeist, Paul, is also Chairman of the Board, a position of immense power to musicians, conductors and management. This already fractious group has, unhappily, two conductors. Roger, the not-quite-incompetent, and Karl, the handsome, if stern Teutonic type with a well-hidden darker side.

At the beginning of this fugue, Isabel is living, not happily, with the rather crude, non-musician Clive, but while on tour, she becomes enamored of William. (I don't blame her, I would have, too.) However, William is married to Margot, who is in the middle stages of the harrowing disease, multiple sclerosis. Their marriage has faltered, for many reasons, although William has remained faithful. Til now.

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