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Track three, Shape of my Heart, is a pop track, and as such I find it somewhat misplaced on a classical CD. The underlying guitar arrangement, based on Chopin, is very nice and so this track would probably, for the classical album that Miller is presenting here, work best if Sting's singing were left out of it.

This is followed by two more Bach arrangements, Air on a String and Presto. Bach happens to be Miller's favorite and these two are rather good. Air on a String, track four, is cleverly enhanced by the piano into a sensitive expression of musical beauty. However, the Presto takes some getting used to at first listen but, like all of Miller's work, it grows on you. Miller says: 'The great thing about Bach is that although his music is technically demanding it's so much fun, which I had with this piece adding different bass lines, rhythm parts, hand clapping etc. In the end it sounds like a South American folk tune. God only knows what he'd think if he could hear this.'

Track six is ... better left aside. This is Schubert's Ave Maria but, joining the impeccable voice of Placido Domingo, Sting sings it when this is a piece he should probably not be sticking his lovely pop voice into.

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