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A more-or-less continuous chant-like vocal line helps to make Jubilate one of the more approachable compositions on the disc, by serving as a reference point for the listener [listen -- track 7, 5:10-6:17]. Jacob's Ladder achieves something similar with a calm instrumental ostinato, but the listener must work harder to follow other pieces. The effort is repaid, however, as one begins to apprehend unifying structures underlying the restless surface.

There are eight compositions on the disc, for a total of some 56 minutes. Ossi di morte is the longest (at 11 minutes) and most dramatic of them. Like Jubilate and others, it is primarily vocal, but if Jubilate looks back to plainsong, Ossi di morte looks back to grand opera [listen -- track 6, 7:04-8:04].

The modernist tradition within which Creshevsky composes has always demanded more from the listener than other styles but often, as in the case of these works, deserves and rewards the attention it demands.

Copyright © 22 September 2004 Malcolm Tattersall, Townsville, Australia


Hyperrealism - Electroacoustic Music by Noah Creshevsky

17516-2 Stereo 56'17" 2003 Mutable Music

Noah Creshevsky (born 1945): Canto di Malavita (2002); Jacob's Ladder (1999); Vol-au-vent (2002); Hoodlum Priest (2002); Novella (2000); Ossi di morte (1997); Jubilate (2001); Born Again (2003)


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