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How is life on the road as a classical musician? Do you have any interesting stories?

'Not really interesting stories. I just do what I do. I don't know what stories are interesting. What do you want to hear about?'

I don't know. You're going from place to place. Have you gotten into any crazy situations or met any strange people?

'No. I don't get into crazy situations. That time of my life is gone. But I have a really great time doing what I do. Generally my wife and I just hang out so we don't get into any crazy situations and we don't frequent bars.'

I heard that you stopped drinking.

'I didn't stop drinking. I just don't go to bars you know, because if you go to a bar, you're public property.'

You're what?

'Public property. Everybody can bend your ear off. When you want to talk to somebody, you invite them to dinner and then you can talk their ear off!'

James Galway. Photo © Kasskara/DG
James Galway. Photo © Kasskara/DG

Catch the PBS-TV appearance of Sir James Galway on Live From Lincoln Center on 29 December 2004. Beverly Sills will host the evening in Lincoln Center's intimate Kaplan Penthouse.

Copyright © 8 December 2004 David Lipp, New York, USA



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