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Do we understand 'normality'?

Yet another year speeds to its close, and Easter will then be the day after tomorrow. The illusion of time moving faster than ever is clearly linked to acceptance of the pressures which we increasingly endure in a world obsessed with speed and output. Heaven knows why we accept them as 'normal'. Normality is something we often invent in the conviction that it is obligatory. Rubbish.

Our daily magazine for music lovers is a modest attempt to publish something perceptive about aspects of Music that you may have given less thought to than expected. No pressure is applied to comply: you click the page onwards without further thought, or go elsewhere. At least this facility remains ready day and night, a 'service' that we may take for granted in the wake of this revolution in continuous accessibility that children are born to. They do not regard it as exceptional as we slightly-bemused adults born into a pre-computer age when thinking had marginally more relevance than now.

In its modest way, this daily contribution to musical understanding has now proved itself to the world of music in about 100 countries, and this astonishes us as it may astonish you. Those people anxious to decry the value of the computer in general enlightenment ought to consider such small miracles as entirely beneficial to the world at large.

You are ever welcome to suggest aspects of the vastness of Music awaiting attention for the average reader. The greater the mix of subjects the better our service to the community.

Copyright © 25 December 2004 Basil Ramsey, Yorkshire UK


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Finally we would like to wish all our readers the compliments of the season, and invite you to continue visit the magazine each day for something new and hopefully inspiring, each day during the holiday season and beyond.

You shall know the truth and 
the truth will set you free 
based on the Infinite.

Without the infinite we would
not be here to receive any of 
the gifts with which we are all
blessed. Until we are willing to 
open ourselves to the Spirit,
none of these gifts can flow.

In faith this is the simplest of 
things to do, but we have to
learn to sit quietly and let the
spirit channel through us.

I'm sure musicians and people 
who work with the arts realise
that the spirit is the guiding
force in all they do. When you
feel the Spirit this enables you
to seek and find the truth that
makes you free.

a friend


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