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'Anon' may be less significant historically, but musically he (or she) can run with the fleetest. An enchanting piece has basis in the 'Spagna' dance tune that played cantus firmus in a multitude of polyphonic flights. Jacob Heringman has devised a setting for two lutes, using the surviving treble line and fitting the obligatory 'Spagna' ground as bass for the second lute. Much virtuosity is involved [listen -- track 14, 0:00-1:09]. The same composer is responsible for a frisky Balletto, popular in idiom and designed to stir the most reluctant foot towards the dance [listen -- track 23, 0:00-1:33].

Jacob Heringman has an infectious zest for the music, whether learned or fun. His technical skill guarantees admirable clarity in the midst of complex counterpoints, and there is a delightful sense of well-being about the performances. If the 'Siena Book' was indeed copied in that splendid city, it is a graceful domestic complement to the public music-making of church and state. What influence Heringman may have on the vegetable kingdom I leave to higher authority.

Copyright © 2 January 2005 Robert Anderson, London UK


The Siena Lute Book - Jacob Heringman

AV0036 DDD Stereo NEW RELEASE 72'06" 2004 Jacob Heringman

Jacob Heringman, lute; Lynda Sayce, lute (Spagna detta Lamire duets only)

Francesco da Parigi (fl early to mid 16th c?): [Fantasia?] (28); anon: [Fantasia?] (25); Francesco da Milano (1497-1543): [Fantasia] (8); [Ricercar?] (81); anon (Francesco da Milano?): [Fantasia?] (79); Francesco da Milano: [Recercata] (87); anon: Fantasia (MLB2); anon: Passemezo del giorgio (MLB9); Francesca da Milano: Ricercata (MLB11); Fabrizio Dentice? (c1539?-1581): [Fantasia] (23); Perino Fiorentino (1523-1552): [Fantasia?] (17); Fabrizio Dentice: [Fantasia?] (33); anon: Spagna detta Lamire: Quarto Modo (153) and Secondo Modo (151); Giulio Segni da Modena (1498-1561): [Ricercar ottavo] (56); Clément Janequin/anon Lute setting: Orsus orsus [Or sus, or sus vous dormes] (117); Francesco da Milano: Ricerchare (130); Pierre Sandrin/anon lute setting: La Volunté (108); Thomas Crecquillon/anon lute setting: [Pour ung plaisir] (121); anon: Fantasia (98); Giulio Severino (fl late 16th c): [Fantasia?] (42); Francesco da Milano: Fantasia (132); anon: [Balletto] (156); anon: [Gagliarda] (154); anon: [Gagliarda] (155); Fabrizio Dentice: [Fantasia?] (73)


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