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The last piece was a composition written in the musical form of a double rondo. The technical Postlude attempts to explain my moment of 'playfulness' or 'blatant folly', whichever my patient reader finds to be the most appropriate.

To those who understand nothing of the intricacies of the rules of musical theory, I hope it contains at least a parallel level of interest to that of the much-loved, BBC Radio Shipping Forecast: the nearest thing to pure speech without logical flow known to man.

The norm of the form,
Yawns in the storm ...

Such magical words: Faroes, sub-dominant: Fair Isles, sub-mediant: Finisterre, submarine,


we all live ...

I think the 'blatant folly' lobby has it!

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Copyright © 6 March 2005 Jennifer I Paull, Vouvry, Switzerland


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