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Mezey and Rabushka are my two Art exposition subjects whose diversity lies within one disciplinary palette (words or music). Other artists become my orchestration of kaleidoscopic, disciplinary diversity.

Mezey is the spinning top out from which the ripples spread, and to whom I turn as an obligato necessary to my composition. There is a third link here for those who wish to find its enigma.

I use quotations of uni-disciplinary talent (Mozart, Martha Graham, etc) to show that internal palettes are of greatness, and recapitulate my theme that those that are external (facile targets for the unaware) will also find their rightful grandeur, respect and appreciation, given the perspective of time.

How would one classify da Vinci today, for example? One key is insufficient to encompass his abilities. They overflow the map of tonality itself, and reach beyond its disciplinary radar screen (as did Cage in his own way during the twentieth century, for example). Imagining and sketching a flying machine in the fifteenth century was far more removed from tonality's construction than simply omitting an F sharp within the discipline of G major.

I chose to write in this musical form because it is my world. I deliberately introduce the linear thoughts of others across my whole canvass as lines of thought colour, which compare to the prism of my initial statement of rainbows and their stripes. They form a visual trellis with words slicing through my double rondo sky. Here too, is part of my inner world: synaesthesia.

Jennifer Paull
Jennifer Paull

Another, is not to take myself seriously; so I bid my reader farewell with a little nonsense verse in case (s)he feels I am too full of analytical hot air, which might well be the case!

Macs and PCs come out to Play!

Apples and Peas come out to play
The net doth shine as bright as day.
Leave your supper and leave your sleep
And join emailers in fast-highway's street.
Come with a sign-off and banner to see,
Come in my chat room and web site for free.
Come with delete key in stand-by mode
For all who bypass the E-Highway Code;
You can Google and I'll Yahoo,
We'll spam our fritters just for two!

Copyright © 6 March 2005 Jennifer I Paull, Vouvry, Switzerland



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