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Instead of acting the star and pleading fatigue, Villazón not only sang too many encores to keep count but, when a few over-enthusiastic fans refused to leave after it was all over, he came out again and gave them a special photo and hand-shake opportunity.

That not enough, there was a meet-and-greet session after the concert. For over an hour the friendly Mexican, who seems to have boundless energy, sat down to sign CDs and talk to his fans.

Villazón signs autographs. Photo © 2005 Philip Crebbin
Villazón signs autographs. Photo © 2005 Philip Crebbin

'He is a mother-in-law's dream', was the enthusiastic comment from one old lady with an unmarried daughter, followed by a long sigh: 'But he is already married, what a shame.'

Indeed, Rolando Villazón seems to have it all: a brilliant and steep career, talent enough to silence even the most difficult of critics and turn them into fans, a wonderful family, and an infectious personality that seems to light up the lives of everyone he touches. Is there anywhere else to go for this young man to whom only the sky seems to be the limit? You bet there is, for he has just been announced as a 2005 Echo Classics Award winner, making it the second time in a row for him to get an Echo. This time, he will receive the Echo as 'Best Male Singer' while Anna Netrebko has been announced as 'Best Female Singer'.

And, speaking of Netrebko and Villazón together, you should have seen their hilariously charming interpretation of Donizetti's 'L'elisir d'amore' in April in Vienna, which they did together with the inimitable Ildebrando d'Arcangelo. On the opera stage, Villazón displayed another one of his many talents: not only can he sing, draw and act, but he can also ... juggle!

Rolando Villazón after his 19 June Munich concert. Photo © 2005 Philip Crebbin
Rolando Villazón after his 19 June Munich concert. Photo © 2005 Philip Crebbin

See you in October at the Echo awards ceremony. Until then: Viva Mexico y la opera!

Copyright © 10 July 2005 Tess Crebbin, Germany






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