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Ask Alice, with Alice McVeigh

On looking after goldfish and growing up,
with classical music agony aunt ALICE McVEIGH


this is going to sound strange but today i found one of my gold fish laying up side down but still trying to move and then i realized it had only half it fins next the gills when my other fish has really long ones it looks like the fins have been cut off what can i do?


Dear Pete,

So sorry about your goldfish, but I feel honour-bound to tell you it has had it, and indeed by this time is swimming around in the many misted fountains and waterfalls of heaven, with both fins fully restored. You have come to the right place however, because I am something of a fish expert, having killed so many.

Here is my free, cut-up guide to looking after your ill goldfish:

  1. First of all, do not panic. Remember, whatever you do, they'll die anyway.
  2. Add salt.
  3. Check after an hour. If goldfish is belly-up at the top or face down in a waterplant, do not panic. Arrange tasteful funeral (NB giving to local fox is NOT tasteful funeral.)
  4. If goldfish is not belly-up or bottom down, add more salt
  5. Check after two hours. If goldfish still not yet cast off mortal coil, do a water-change. If this kills ill fish, do not panic. (See arrange tasteful funeral note above.)
  6. Check in the morning. If goldfish not yet ascended to that great pond in the sky: add salt.


Ask Alice

Dear Alice,

Thank you for creating this site. I performed a google image search for Dr Deborah Freedman and found her.

Dr Freedman invited me to perform my children's story in 1997 after meeting her at a Women Composers Symposium in Oakland, CA. It was a dream come true performing the story and hearing my music performed by the St Joseph Symphony. She did a superb job with only one rehearsal and three back-to-back performances the following day.

I am now looking for women music directors, including youth symphony orchestras national and international. My children's story, When I Grow Up, has been produced as an audio book and electronic book. I just need the right exposure for this product. I hope to find a publisher who has the vision to publish it as a hard copy binder bound textbook in addition to the CD, and distribute it in countries where English is the mandatory second language as well as here in the US. Performances with youth symphonies would be ideal for this project, as well.

So the hunt is on for women conductors and publishers. If any of your readers has any tips or ideas, ask them to contact me!

If you are interested please go to:

Wishing all the very best life has to offer.

Peace and Abundance,
Latteta Theresa

Dear Latteta,

Thanks for this, and wishing you back all the very best life has to offer AND peace and abundance !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't by any chance hang around railway stations pressing tiny white flowers on passers-by, do you? (Not very many writer/composers do, but there's always the first time ...)

Your insanely curious, well-wisher and fellow muso-writer,

Copyright © 21 October 2005 Alice McVeigh, Kent, UK

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