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Tchaikovsky's Sentimental Waltz Op 51 No 6 is quintessentially Russian -- noble and broadly aristocratic. Usually played by violinists, cellist Fridman brought velvet tone and elegant phrasing to this wonderful vignette. Hommage to Albeniz by award winning Russian composer Rodion Schedrin (born 1932) is an acerbic commentary on the Spanish composer's uniquely pianistic Flamenco voice. Posnak's bristling virtuosity and Fridman's deeply probing musicianship produced stellar music making. In the beautiful Andante from Rachmaninoff's Cello Sonata Op 19 Fridman's overly fast tempo robbed the music of some of its brooding lyricism. Impromptu by Alexander Arutunyan (born 1920) is a fiery Armenian showpiece -- played con amore by Fridman and Posnak.

Sviatoslav Moroz
Sviatoslav Moroz

Violinist Moroz worked utter magic in Tziganov's famous 1962 transcription of three movements from Tchaikovsky's ballet Swan Lake. From the poignant yearning and sweet toned violin maple syrup of the Black and White Swan Pas de Deux to the brilliant, Magyar fireworks of the Russian Dance, Moroz played with that rounded Russian vibrato and fleet pyrotechnics that spell star power. Posnak provided rapid fire support. The audience erupted into a well deserved, cheering ovation.

Three splendid artists offered an evening of rarely heard musical gems. Copland's tribute to his cultural roots and Shostakovich's grim neo-realist memorial to the greatest tragedy of the last century were the memorable summit of a terrific concert!

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