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A selection of M&V 'Eastbourne' articles

Ask Alice - On unruly behaviour on orchestral weekends and in concerts, with Classical Music agony aunt Alice McVeigh

Ask Alice - Classical music agony aunt Alice McVeigh raves about Barclaycard and the Absolute Zero Viola Quartet, and comments on pillow fighting in Eastbourne

CD Spotlight. Transcendent Resignation - Mahler's Ninth Symphony, heard by David Wilkins. '... played with love and knowledge and commitment ...'

CD Spotlight. Consistently Refined - Debussy transcriptions, reviewed by Howard Smith. '... these alternatives are never less than striking ...'

Ensemble. A frustrating experience - David Wilkins listens to the London Philharmonic Youth Orchestra in Eastbourne

Bizarrely stirring - David Wilkins listens to the Polish State Opera of Wroclaw


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