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A selection of M&V 'South America' articles

CD Spotlight. Horizontal Intentions - Polly Ferman's Glamour Tango impresses Paul Sarcich. '... heaps of pizzazz, needle-sharp playing ...'

CD Spotlight. Melancholic Treatment - Iberian and Latin solo piano music, heard by Ron Bierman. 'Rosa Antonelli over-caresses most of these nostalgic Latin pieces.'

Ensemble. Clarity of Texture - Lawrence Budmen listens to the Remenyi Ede Chamber Orchestra

'Shooting the Pianist'! - The eerie case of a South-American pianistic 'revenant', by Malcolm Troup

Record box - From South America. Little-known piano music, with Basil Ramsey

Record Box - Cellos rule - the Berlin team in action, with Basil Ramsey


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