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Alfredo Casella

Born in Turin on 25 July 1883, Alfredo Casella studied composition with Gabriel Fauré in Paris, and was also a pianist, conductor and author. He promoted modern music, although he favoured neo-classicism as a composer. He died in Rome on 5 March 1947.

A selection of M&V articles about Alfredo Casella

Ensemble. Civil Engagement - Giuseppe Pennisi discusses operas representing intrigues which couldn't be discussed in public

Ensemble. A Lovely Evening - William Walton's 'Façade' in Rome, alongside a symphony by Alfredo Casella, appreciated by Giuseppe Pennisi

CD Spotlight. Engagingly Performed - Rachel and Vanessa Fuidge at one and two pianos, recommended by the late Howard Smith. '... technique, tonal address and aural poetry.'

Ensemble. Unmistakeably Italian - Alfredo Casella's fairy tale 'La Donna Serpente', reviewed by Giuseppe Pennisi

Ensemble. Distinctly Gallic - Rosanna Ter-Berg and Leo Nicholson, heard by Mike Wheeler

Successful and Fulfilling - On the rediscovery of the Italian symphonic tradition, by Giuseppe Pennisi


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