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George Colerick

George Colerick is a writer and publisher living in London, who has often visited other capital cities to hear a large range of music. His interests include musicology, humour in music, north-west Europe, sociology and Ipswich Football Club. His books include Romanticism and Melody (in two volumes), and From The Italian Girl to Cabaret, a specialised study in musical humour.

Music & Vision articles by George Colerick

George Colerick describes how Emmanuel Chabrier was in sympathy with the new spirit of his age, opening up new directions which later composers would follow

George Colerick investigates Berlioz, Fantasy and Literature

George Colerick writes about Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov's extraordinary opera 'The Golden Cockerel'

In Leonard Bernstein's anniversary year, George Colerick tells the story of the opera 'Candide', one of the twentieth century's great musical satires

George Colerick muses on incidental music, with particular regard to Mendelssohn

George Colerick discusses comedy in Giuseppe Verdi's early opera 'Un Giorno di Regno'

George Colerick writes about the operettas of Franz Lehár

George Colerick takes a look at secular and romantic uses of the old Latin hymn

George Colerick investigates the emotional life of Johannes Brahms in his twenties

George Colerick investigates

Meyerbeer and the Development of Parisian Grand Opera

George Bernard Shaw as London Music Critic

George Colerick discusses Finnish culture and asks if Sibelius was one of the greatest melodists

George Colerick remembers Wolfgang Ostberg (1939-2011)

George Colerick claims that the Nazis approved of Bizet


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