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Hänssler Classic

The German classical record label Hänssler Classic was founded in 1975 by Friedrich Hänssler junior as the German music publisher Hänssler-Verlag's in-house label. It releases between fifty and sixty new recordings each year, and, since 2000, has worked in cooperation with the German broadcasting network SWR (Südwestrundfunk).

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A selection of M&V articles about Hänssler Classic

CD Spotlight. A Rich Culture - Russian music from SWR Vokalensemble, appreciated by Howard Smith. '... a gift for those eager to hear voices in chorus ...'

CD Spotlight. Very Refreshing - Vocalensemble Lalá, heard by Geoff Pearce. '... always musical and beautifully under control.'

CD Spotlight. Sheer Delight - C P E Bach complete solo piano music, appreciated by Robert Anderson. '... Ana-Marija Markovina has the technique and sensitivity do it full justice.'

CD Spotlight. On Top Form - Géza Anda plays Bartók and Tchaikovsky, heard by Robert Anderson. '... splendid unanimity between pianist and conductor.'

CD Spotlight. Exceptional Assurance - J S Bach organ sonatas, heard by Howard Smith. '... an immensely satisfying conclusion.'

CD Spotlight. Undivided Artistry - Remus Azoitei plays Enescu, reviewed by Howard Smith. '... a truly commanding performance.'


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