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Oehms Classics

German classical music label Oehms Classics, based in Munich, supports and promotes young artists, international award winners and outstanding personalities from the music world, who are made accessible at low prices to a wide audience.

The label was founded in 2003 by Dieter Oehms, who was previously a manager with Deutsche Grammophon, Polygram and Arte Nova Classics, and attracted some former Arte Nova recording artists, including Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, to his own label.


A selection of M&V articles about Oehms Classics

CD Spotlight. Colourful Performance - Dmitrij Kitajenko conducts Mussorgsky and Prokofiev, heard by Stephen Francis Vasta. 'Vladislav Sulimsky sings with feeling in a compact, reasonably firm baritone ...'

CD Spotlight. Christ Recrucified - Bohuslav Martinu's 'The Greek Passion', heard by Paul Sarcich. '... the production is nothing less than workmanlike, rising in places to something more inspired ...'

CD Spotlight. Symphony of Pauses - Anton Bruckner's Second Symphony impresses Gerald Fenech. '... Bolton's interpretation is wonderfully paced, and his careful attention to detail allows all of the composer's thick orchestration to reveal its many touches of genius that give the score its grandeur and natural beauty.'

CD Spotlight. A Tough Nut - Richard Strauss orchestral music, heard by Stephen Francis Vasta. '... Weigle has his moments.'

CD Spotlight. A Short Straw? - Skrowaczewski conducts Brahms, heard by Howard Smith. '... Brahms' sonic architecture is overlooked.'


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