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A selection of M&V 'Piano Concerto' articles

CD Spotlight. Expressive Beauty - Chamber music by Marjan Mozetich, enjoyed by Howard Smith. '... "Hymn of Ascension" stood out for its power and cogency.'

Easy Grace - Martyna Jatkauskaite plays Mozart and Schumann, enjoyed by Robert Hugill

Ensemble. Podium Celebrity - Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Orchestra in Florida, reviewed by Lawrence Budmen

Ensemble. High Spirits - Freddy Kempf and the Moscow Philharmonic, heard by Mike Wheeler

CD Spotlight. Distinctive Spontaneity - Halida Dinova plays Brahms, unreservedly recommended by Howard Smith. 'A truly distinguished performance and recording ...'

CD Spotlight. Talented and Promising - Music by Carson P Cooman, recommended by Ron Bierman. '... striking felicities of orchestral expression ...'

Three Questions before the First Night - Carson Cooman talks to Benjamin Lees about his Piano Concerto No 3

Ensemble. Captivating Delicacy - Igor Tchetuev plays Tchaikovsky, enjoyed by Mike Wheeler

CD Spotlight. Passionate enthusiasm - The orchestral music of Meyer Kupferman, discovered by Patric Standford. '... a sustained quality that is Kupferman's own, widely spread and generous, emotionally extrovert ...'

CD Spotlight. Slave labour - The political statements of Hans Werner Henze, investigated by Robert Anderson. '... sensuous richness ...'

CD Spotlight. This is music - Listening to Japanese composer Akio Yashiro, by Keith Bramich. '... good performances and a clear recording.'

CD Spotlight - Spectral Sounds. 'Dora De Marinis is at once mistress of the suituation ...' Ginastera on Naxos, by Robert Anderson

CD Spotlight - Death be not proud. 'A quite wonderful CD of a composer and his music that should be at the forefront of live concert activities.' The music of Andrew Imbrie, by a devoted admirer, Bill Newman


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