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A selection of M&V 'Berkeley' articles

Ensemble. Brilliantly Dispatched - Ian McEwan and Michael Berkeley's 'For You', reviewed by Giuseppe Pennisi

Ensemble. New Colours - Leslie Anne Lewis conducts a new chamber ensemble arrangement of Bloch's Sacred Service, reviewed by Malcolm Miller

Ensemble. Shade and Nuance - Chamber music by Julian Dawes, appreciated by Malcolm Miller

Record box. Accomplished playing - Kumiko Ida's British piano album, appreciated by Patric Standford

CD Spotlight. Sonatas and sonatinas - Guitar music played by Nathan Kolosko, recommended by Malcolm Tattersall. 'Kolosko's playing is clean, fluent and assured ...'

Writing new opera - A composer's perspective, by Robert Hugill

Ensemble. A stunning masterpiece - Opera East on tour with Lennox Berkeley's 'A Dinner Engagement' and Holst's 'The Wandering Scholar' - Peter Dickinson reports

A revelation - Some personal reflections on the Lennox Berkeley Centenary, from Peter Dickinson

Ensemble. Coming of age - Keith Bramich at the twenty-first Presteigne Festival of Music and the Arts

Classical objectivity? - Peter Dale reads 'The Music of Lennox Berkeley' by Peter Dickinson


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