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Centrediscs is the recording label of the Canadian Music Centre, featuring only works by composers from Canada. Created in 1981, the label has released more than a hundred recordings, using both public and private funding. An Artists and Repertoire Committee chooses projects from the proposals submitted for recording.

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A selection of M&V articles about Centrediscs

CD Spotlight. Uniquely Satisfying - Unconventional concertos by Mark Armanini, fascinated the late Howard Smith. '... this Chinese-Canadian-Vietnamese-Latvian programme is fascinating, eloquent, musically distinguished and deserving of a widespread multi-national following.'

CD Spotlight. Fascinating and Rewarding - Music by Alcides Lanza fascinates Patric Standford. '... superbly produced retrospective ...'

CD Spotlight. A Major Inspiration - Recent Canadian music for string quartet, heard by Patric Standford. '... exciting drive to a stimulating ending.'

CD Spotlight. Much to Enjoy - Choral music by Stephen Chatman, heard by Patric Standford. '... extremely well performed ...'

CD Spotlight. Do we get it? - Contemporary Canadian music for marimba, heard by Paul Sarcich. 'Meunier proves equal to all the demands ...'

CD Spotlight. An Interesting Experience - Music by Alice Ping Yee Ho, heard by Patric Standford. '... musically and technically impressive ...'

CD Spotlight. Expressive Beauty - Chamber music by Marjan Mozetich, enjoyed by Howard Smith. '... "Hymn of Ascension" stood out for its power and cogency.'


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