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M&V articles about Dave Griffiths

Ask Alice - On statistics, surveys and rock groups networking and the guitar, with classical music agony aunt Alice McVeigh

Ask Alice - On the perils of tendonitis, and the return after a long absence of Mrs Gloria Stoatgobbler, with Classical Music Agony Aunt Alice McVeigh

Ask Alice - DGriffs is not amused by classical music's agony aunt, Alice McVeigh

Music & Vision articles by Dave Griffiths

Bombshell facts ... On drum kits in lofts and 'diabolus in scordatura', with deputy classical music agony 'aunt' DGriffs

Desperate platitudes ... a rather surprising concerto at the BBC Proms, and an urgent plea for new correspondence, from deputy classical music agony 'aunt' DGriffs

A flood of correspondence for M&V's newly appointed 'agony uncle'


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