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Peter Garland

American composer, writer and publisher Peter Garland was born in Portland, Maine on 25 January 1952. He studied with James Tenney and Harold Budd at California Institute of the Arts.

He edited and published Soundings Press for twenty years, and has written two books of essays on American music and culture. He is a student of Native American music, and has also worked as a musician in shadow puppet theatre.

A selection of M&V articles about Peter Garland

CD Spotlight. Inscrutable Stillness - Music by Peter Garland impresses Anett Fodor. 'It was the first - but I am sure not the last - time that I had listened to Garland's music and for 34 minutes time stood still while I was listening to it.'

CD Spotlight. Poignant Sounds - String quartets by Peter Garland, heard by Patric Standford. '... remote and apparently disengaged ...'


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