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Herbert Howells

English composer, organist and teacher Herbert Howells was born at Lydney in Gloucestershire on 17 October 1892. He studied with Herbert Brewer at Gloucester Cathedral, alongside Ivor Novello and the composer and poet Ivor Gurney, with whom Howells became friends.

Howells was at the first performance of Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (Gloucester Cathedral, 1910), and this greatly inspired his own music.

Illness - he was diagnosed with Graves' disease and was the first person in the country to receive radium treatment - cut short his tenure as organist at Salisbury Cathedral, and he worked as an editor of Tudor choral repertoire at Westminster Cathedral. He followed Gustav Holst as director of music at St Paul's Girls' School, taught composition at the Royal College of Music from 1920, and, during World War II, was acting organist of St John's College Cambridge.

Howells is known especially for his choral music. Hymnus Paradisi for choir and orchestra was written after the early death of Howells' son, and there is much service music for the Anglican church. The motet Take Him, Earth, for Cherishing was written in memory of the assassinated John F Kennedy.

He is also known for two collections of clavichord music - Lambert's Clavichord and Howells' Clavichord, and there is much orchestral, chamber, piano and organ music, and even two pieces for brass band.

Howells died in London on 23 February 1983.

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