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Karen Haid began her musical life as a pianist, adding the flute to play in the school band.  She liked the flute, but realized quickly that the American public school music program wasn’t what it was cracked up to be, continuing nonetheless as an excuse to get out of physical education classes.  She received a Diploma (with merit awards for flute, theory and solfege) from the Juilliard School’s Preparatory Division, a Bachelor of Music magna cum laude and Master of Music from Boston University, and the Doctor of Music from Florida State University.  Along the way she also studied composition and a few related instruments - the harpsichord, organ and Baroque flute.  Having performed in all manner of musical presentations, her longest stint as an ensemble musician was seven years as piccoloist with the Richmond (Virginia) Symphony.  Teaching credentials include Virginia Commonwealth University, Florida State, and the University of Alaska, where her identification card sported a picture of a polar bear, the school’s mascot.

Perhaps one of her more unusual accomplishments is her compact disc The Music of Walter Gieseking (Nimbus 5696) on which she plays both the flute and piano, at the same time for easy listening.  Recently, she has been teaching English in Italy and writing for various online and print publications.

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