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A selection of M&V 'Dickinson' articles

CD Spotlight. Musical Finesse - Songs by Gregg Kallor, recommended by Howard Smith. 'Go to the top of the class.'

Simple gifts? - David Thompson is impressed by 'Copland Connotations - Studies and Interviews'

CD Spotlight. Playing hypocritically - Eric Satie's piano music, surveyed by Brian Howes. '... all played straight and cleanly, as I expect Satie would have wished.'

Paying tribute - The Editor's Quarterly Surprise

Indispensable - Peter Dickinson reads Steven Moore Whiting's 'Satie, the Bohemian: from Cabaret to Concert Hall'

CD Spotlight - From rags to riches. '... clear purpose and technical prowess.' Peter Dickinson's music, with Basil Ramsey


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