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A selection of M&V 'fiction' articles

Midnight Ice Cream - Maria Nockin tells the story of a bus driver who lands a job working for an opera company

A Chorus of Dissent - Ros Bethan illustrates her own musical poem

The Life of Antonio Vivaldi - Susan Budig's short poem about Venice's 'Red Priest', composed in the form of a classical rondeau

A Vision of Shostakovich's String Quartet No 8 - A poem by J Jean Mayfield

Ask Alice - On parents and prose style, with classical music agony aunt Alice McVeigh

Lust in A Major - Marsha Cappy's tale takes place in Prague in 1905 ...

Movements - Not quite a review - but ... with Kelly Ferjutz

Nota Bene - K C Devereaux tells the story of the second best piano student in the class

Beethoven's Ninth Solstice - A poem by Debra A Hoffmann

The Piano - A short story by Kelly Ferjutz

To everything there is a season - A short story by Jenna Orkin of

Ensemble. Mystic chanting - Elica Lupus-Popescu journeys to hear the lost pipers of Iasi

Music - a short story by Elizabeth Dobbs


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