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Nicola Porpora

Nicola Porpora composed about fifty operas, some to libretti by his pupil Metastasio. He also taught Haydn whilst living in Vienna, was a rival of Handel for work in London and, as a successful singing teacher, he taught the Electoral Princess in Dresden. He began (17 August 1686) and ended (3 March 1768) his life in Naples.

A selection of M&V articles about Nicola Porpora

CD Spotlight. Invaluable and Timely - Nicola Porpora's 'L'Amato Nome', enjoyed by Gerald Fenech. 'Stile Galante deliver performances that are sensitive, intelligent and beautifully controlled with the singing in particular being stylish and elegant yet consistently expressive and linguistically meticulous.'

CD Spotlight. Vintage Handel - The pastiche 'Catone', recommended by Gerald Fenech. 'Carlo Ipata and his masterful band of singers and instrumentalists give a most persuasive and fascinating performance capturing all the nuances of the score with impressive conviction and verbal dexterity.'


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