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 Albany Records is an American record label based in Albany, New York, USA, and devoted almost exclusively to American music played by American artists. The company's catalogue features many world premières, and much music which is slightly out of the ordinary. Further information at

A selection of M&V articles about Albany Records

CD Spotlight. Melancholic Treatment - Iberian and Latin solo piano music, heard by Ron Bierman. 'Rosa Antonelli over-caresses most of these nostalgic Latin pieces.'

CD Spotlight. Vividly Orchestrated - Orchestral music by Michael S Horwood, heard by Patric Standford. '... attractive and enjoyable ...'

CD Spotlight. Utmost Clarity - William Appling plays Joplin and Bach, heard by Howard Smith. '... consistently four square, honest, unpretentious ...'

CD Spotlight. A Surefire Winner - A recital by Lin Jiang and Benjamin Martin, recommended by Howard Smith. '... superbly performed.'

Record Box. A Crowd Pleaser - Concertos and a symphony by Lee Actor, heard by Ron Bierman

CD Spotlight. Appealing listening - Chamber music by Richard Wilson, recommended by Carson Cooman. '... uniformly excellent to hear ...'


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