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A selection of M&V 'crossover' articles

Ensemble. White Hot Intensity - Renée Fleming and the Russian National Orchestra at the Festival of the Arts Boca 2010, reviewed by Lawrence Budmen

CD Spotlight. Difficult to Classify - Performances by the Ethos Percussion Group, recommended by Ron Bierman. '... performing excellence ...'

CD Spotlight. Easy Listening - Christina Linhardt's 'Voodoo Princess', reviewed by K C Devereaux. 'The only voodoo conjured here is the dread spectre of "Smooth Jazz".'

CD Spotlight. A Mixed Bag - Boston String Quartet's 'Xibus', reviewed by Howard Smith. 'What all this signifies is not at all clear.'

CD Spotlight. Specific Qualities - Michael Hoppé's Requiem, reviewed by Robert Hugill. '... a talented melodist ...'

Ensemble. Requiem in Blue - Rex Harley was at Harvey Brough's 50th birthday concert

CD Spotlight. Individuality and Variety - Groove-oriented chamber music by Gernot Wolfgang, reviewed by Howard Smith. '... highly professional performances ...'

Ensemble. Energy and Commitment - A concert by Liza Grossman and Cleveland's Contemporary Youth Orchestra, reviewed by Kelly Ferjutz

Record box. Delightful pieces - 'Tales of a Summer Past' by Nick Davis, reviewed by Robert Hugill

CD Spotlight. Passion for Bach - Dominic Miller's 'Shapes', reviewed by Tess Crebbin. '... he is a genius.'

Ensemble. Effervescent clarinet - Lawrence Budmen listens to Richard Stoltzman in a crossover programme


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