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Somewhat Delayed Reviews

Somewhat Delayed Reviews is a series of articles by Canadian writer and musician Endre Anaru and others, published at Music & Vision Magazine from 2018 onwards. The series concentrates, deliberately, on reviews of books, CDs etc which were published or released several years ago.

A selection of M&V articles about Somewhat Delayed Reviews

Somewhat Delayed Reviews - The Beauty of Italy Captured in Sound - Arabella Teniswood-Harvey plays piano music from Italy, impressing Richard Meszto

Somewhat Delayed Reviews - A Memory Thread - Edward Baxter Perry's 'Descriptive Analyses of Piano Works: For the Use of Teachers, Players, and Music Clubs', read by Endre Anaru

Somewhat Delayed Reviews - Charming, Beautiful and Cunning - Sentimental songs performed by Vivian Montgomery and Pamela Dellal, heard by Endre Anaru


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